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Jennete Killpack -- Mom Forced Daughter To Drink Herself To Death

Summary: A jury found Mrs. Killpack guilty of felony second-degree child abuse homicide for punishing 4-year-old Cassandra, who had "reactive detachment disorder" on June 9, 2002, by forcing her to stand on a bar stool, then tying the girl's hands behind her back and making her drink a lethal amount of water

April 10: Killpack To Spend Five Years Behind Bars For Daughter's Water Overdose
Feb. 16: Judge Says Killpack Poses Threat To Her Other Children
Jan. 18: Killpack Denied Release During Appeals
Jan. 6: Killpack Sentenced To Up To 15 Years For Daughter's Water Punishment Death
Oct. 20: Mother Convicted Of Forcing Girl To Overdose On Water

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