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Survey: Travelers With Disabilities Still Run Into Access Problems

By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
August 31, 2004

LONDON, ENGLAND--Modes of travel in the United Kingdom have so many accessibility restrictions, that many would-be travelers with disabilities choose to stay home.

That's the conclusion of a survey commissioned by the disability charity Leonard Cheshire.

Just over 500 people with disabilities were asked about their experiences on trains, planes and ferries.

Sixty-percent replied that they found rail travel difficult, or that they never used it, while 62 percent felt air travel was difficult or they never used it. The highest number of respondents, 66 percent, either had never traveled by ferry or found it difficult.

One-fourth of the respondents had run trouble with inaccessible transportation, and 40 percent of wheelchair users found access problems restricted their choices.

"Inaccessible transport is one of the biggest obstacles in disabled people's lives," said Jo Campion, policy manager at Leonard Cheshire, in a press statement.

"Trains and buses are all too often inaccessible, which can make it difficult for those without their own cars to get to an airport or a ferry. Even if you do reach the airport there are still cases where groups of disabled people have been thrown off transport because staff are not trained to work with them."

"Most people rightly take this for granted, but until transport becomes fully and reliably accessible then it will continue to be just a dream for many disabled people."

"Disabled People Left Behind This Holiday Season" (Leonard Cheshire)

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